Birds are Quasi-Intelligent, avian Creatures from planet Cradle. While all Birds communicate colloquially through Birdsong, some avelinguists have developed the capacity to understand learned language, such as English, Kiik, Par-San, and more.


Birds are feathered, winged egg-laying animals. A large portion of them possess the ability to fly thanks to their hollow bones and unique anatomy. Some birds have adapted to maintain a flightless life, prompting stronger limbs and thicker bones.

Birds range in appearance, color and size due to worldwide cradian variances.

Some scientists hypothesize a familiar ancestor in ancient Sceeeee.


Birds are classified by Cradian scientists as CIVIC Quasi-Intelligent Creatures, though the distinction between Creature or Race is a heated debate amongst Cradian politicians.


Colloquially, Birds communicate through Birdsong, a Semi-Complex Language which utilizes tonal complexity and musical length to impart comprehension.

Birds with an affinity for language are known as avelinguists. Throughout the Universe, avelinguists are renown for their specialty in comprehending a wide variety of foreign and alien languages, and thus are highly sought-after as pets.

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