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The first photo of a cloud of Black Matter located in Sector 2721, orbiting Umut-2, captured by the GiC TeleLens.

Black Matter (colloquially, a dCloud) is distinctively different from Dark Matter in that it is a physical substance found in space. It is the same as Dark Matter in that it is a complete mystery.


Black Matter is found in plumes as large as 3000 feet in diameter. When constrained by gravity, Black Matter is physically contstrained to act like a cloud. Black Matter is often difficult to find, as light passes around it, rather than through it. Usually when photographed, Black Matter will appear as a silhouette, redirecting whatever light is behind it.

Effects on Living Organisms[]

The strangest property of Black Matter is its effects on living organisms. If a being comes into contact with Black Matter, it will enter a fugue-like state and while experiencing vivid hallucinations. This state is known as dDreaming.

dDream State[]

Once a being is within the cloud, they enter the dDream State while convulsing as if being shaken awake. From within their hallucinations they are met with a sense of confusion in their surroundings. As the subject gains a confused consciousness, they will imagine waking up in an unpleasant, unfamilar environment inhabited by dubious physical representations of the psyche. Attempts at comprehension of the dDreamer's situation (such as foreign communication or critical thought) is known to turn the psyche onto itself, creating hostile and often harmful permanent effects. Once outside the cloud, unharmed dDreamers quickly regain their appropriate level of consciousness, but completely forget any details of their physical experience.