Chuck Tater
Star Captain
Tater profile
First seen The Future Universe (comic), UM3
Birthday February 12, 2540
Occupation Captain of the Universe


Employer Globe Protective

World Government

Family Tater Farms

Chuck Tater (2540 - Present) is a Cradian Star Captain, decorated War Hero under the Globe Protective (GP), and entrepreneurial success story.


Chuck was raised on an agricultural farm by his parents Casey Joe and Liriel Aria Tater. Inspired by his father's impressive history as a General in the World Government Forces, Chuck was a bit of a wildchild, renown amongst his neighborhood friends as their leader. His mother discouraged this behavior, insisting Chuck pursue matters of the mind.

At the age of ten Chuck was sent to Leaders of Tomorrow, a Cradian boarding school for students who show initiative. While Chuck attended Leaders, his father passed away. His mother chose to keep the fact from her son until the night before his graduation.

On February 12, 2558, Chuck Tater graduated with a perfect record, save for one technicality after missing his graduation ceremony. Instead, he was enlisting at a Globe Protective office. Leaving his life behind, Chuck would never see his mother Lirial Aria again as she passed away in 2568 during Chuck's enlistment.

Global Protective EnlistmentEdit

Bootcamp, 2558-2559Edit

During bootcamp at GP, Chuck rose through the ranks quickly thanks to his strategic mind and ability to command his classmates. Within his training year he had already been promised a place aboard a certified uGlobe Starship.

He graduated from bootcamp with highest honors and was awarded the rank of First Officer on uGlobe Starship Farweather.


Chuck tater battle

Chuck Tater and his crew mates Vega Seya and Ruffus in the bloodless coup of Colony Townsend

Chuck’s stay on Farweather was brief. After less than a year as First Officer, he was reassigned as a temporary replacement for Francois DeShoughven on Colony Townsend after its ignominious collapse.

Entrepreneurial SuccessEdit

Chuck tater bottle

A black and white image of Chuck breaking a bottle against the UG

Without the pirate menace, and with the assistance of Chuck’s inspirational command, Colony Townsend found itself in a surplus larger than any it had known. After five years of honorable command, Chucks’ dedication and success was rewarded with a Golden Globe. He returned home to Cradle where he was met with global fame.

After his award, Chuck was contacted by numerous parties interested in his endorsement, but reserved his popularity as a means to promote uGlobe's image. After a series of viral documentaries starring Chuck were released online, Star Captain Chuck Tater's face had been on every monitor on Cradle, and he had become a household name.

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