A Cradian (CRAY-dee-an) is a CIIIC biped, originating on Cradle. Most are known as Cradians, though they have only recently adapted this title.

Cradians are generally a short-sighted race, focusing on what is happening in the immediate or near future. Because of this, they are often invested quite wholly in their own matters. Small, individual problems are commonplace among them, and they quite often have their own selfish "adventures" and "escapades." Because of this, their race is generally regarded as a selfish bunch who only want to get ahead.


Compared to some of the Universe's Races, Cradians are young, having only first evolved 500,000 years ago.

Their knowledge about other races and planets is very limited, and their resentment towards those who exist off-world has earned them recognition as one of the most xenophobic races in the known universe.


Amongst peers, Cradians appear wide and varied, some short and some tall, some fat and some skinny, with skin tones ranging depending on the amount of melatonin in one's skin.

Due to universally-relative frailty and limitations, when compared to other, more impressive races, Cradians appear rather bland. Truly their strength lies within their spirit, not the force of their hand nor the beauties they create.


Cradians govern themselves utilizing the World Government, which works closely with the global business conglomerate Globe to ensure every Cradian need is legitimately accommodated.

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