A Dog (singular and plural) is a Class V terraneous mammal which both communicates through the inherent biolinguistic Wuogph and has evolved to communicate through learned language. Dog originate from the planet Cradle.


Dog stand on two or four legs, a trait which varies depending on pedigree or breeding. They have snouts, forward-facing eyes, sharp canines, and directional ears. Measured from feet to head, the average Dog stands at 4 ft. 11 in. and weighs about 130 lbs. Most dogs are largely covered by fur. These statistics offer only a brief insight into the common dog, however, as selective breeding produces a wide variety of huge differences.



Pedigree is of utmost cultural importance to many Dog. While some families pride themselves on speed or strength, others find prowess only in mental ability or acumen. This heritage has created high tensions between many Dog, and as a result, racism, violence, gangs, and hate crimes are common among densely-populated kennels.

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