Drills In Space, now known colloquially as mGlobe, is an Explorative Mining company, founded by Garls Goohey in the Cradian year of 2400. Since its foundry, Drills In Space has made numerous, era-shifting discoveries about the known universe, ranging from discovering Goohiite, to making first contact with alien life on Mur, and later protecting Cradle during its Sludge Scare.

Famous Drills In Space ProjectsEdit

Project Mur, 2465Edit

Following Garls Goohey's death, Public Relations genius Frank Goohey used his father's legacy as a platform to lobby for worldwide support as means to travel the I Class planet Mur. By 2465, his cause was renown, and it had become impossible for the World Government to ignore his request. He was offered a sample of Goohiite as means for transportation.

Project Sludge, 2535Edit

After the discovery of the X-Class planet Sludge (now referred to as Kyykv) and its collision course with Cradle, Drills In Space was hired by World Government leader Shamus Domingo Chao to intercept the planet and destroy it before its inevitable contact. A team of engineers built the DiS X01, a ship that doubled as the most advanced piece of Cradian drilling technology known to man.

Once the team landed, it was Frank Goohey II who first stepped off the DiS X01, finding himself face-to-face with a number of curious YYY. The decision was quickly made to protect the planet for the sake of science and preservation of alien life.


Drills In Space was acquired by Globe and retitled as mGlobe in on February 1, 2550.

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