While some races such as the Krey are capable of Faster-Than-Light (FTL) Travel, Cradians and other less-advanced races rely on the use of Goohiite, a near inattainable element with an extremely rare and finite supply.

Cradian FTL TravelEdit

Cradian FTL Travel only became possible with the introduction of the alien element Goohiite, discovered by Garls Goohey in 2437

Within 25 years, Scientists on Cradle discovered that by exposing small amounts of Gooheyite to radiation, they could create a sphere-shaped field in which certain laws of physics—specifically those dealing with relativity—ceased to function. Theorizing that the field could be used to overcome the lightspeed barrier, work was immediately initiated on a ship which could incorporate this "bubble."

Construction of the ship CWG-FTL01 Forerunner lasted 30 years and the ship was built according to the conventions of its time. The ship's first field test began in 2495. The crew's objective was to use the ship's bubble to travel to the coordinates where the Goohiite Asteroid was discovered, exit FTL-travel, turn around, and come back to Cradle, completing what had been a 23-year round trip in less than two days. However, on the return trip, the ship collided with a 2-inch meteoroid. Under subFTL velocities, the damage would have caused negligible damage, but at such high speeds the collision caused the Forerunner to lose its entire fuel reserves, disabling the ship's ability to decelerate. Powerless, the Forerunner and her crew overshot Cradle, unable to do anything but send transmissions to mission control until, several hours later, they were out of range. It took several decades, a complete revision of the design of spacecraft, and the inception of Globe before FTL travel was attempted once again. Due to the bending of space-time at FTL velocities, it is possible that the crew of the Forerunner may still be alive, either still coasting through space or rescued by one of the more advanced races, but their whereabouts are unknown.

At present day, all FTL ships are manufactured and owned by Globe, who also retain Cradle's entire supply of Goohiite.

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