The Official Globe Logo

, founded in 2550 by Frenz Dangh, is a Global Business Conglomerate with numerous subsidiaries which operate the majority of public service systems on Cradle. These services range from powering homes to operating vehicular transport for its customers. Since its creation, Globe has grown to control more than 98% of the Global interest.


As a conglomorate, Globe owns a number of varied, productive subsidiaries.

  • aGlobe - Atmospheric Conditions
  • eGlobe - Electronics and Environments
  • iGlobe - Persons and Services
  • uGlobe - Transportation and Communication
  • tGlobe - Research and Technology
  • mGlobe - Moon and Moon Services


Globe's Logo has become renown amongst Cradians and familiar within the galaxy. It is often stylized to look like Cradle, but the Globe represents all planets, spherical or otherwise. When asked about her thoughts behind designing of the Logo, Gertrude Dolemount said the following:

The Logo's symbols are universal; spheres & spirals populate our universe naturally. When the spiral is contained within a sphere, it represents order within chaos, chaos contained, or a structured universe.


Globe was founded on January 1st, 2550. Simultaneously, the Globe Platform was released as an introductory marketing strategy—one of Frenz Dangh's and Globe's first real contributions to Cradian culture.

Platform assured users familiarity and optimization, and before long it was the most-popular Operating System available, beating out even Microtosh's BirdDog. Its success lacked necessity, though, as Frenz continued to release exciting, revolutionizing technologies which streamlined Cradian life as it was known.

After the release of G in 2552, a discussion began between the World Government and Globe that would later secure the peoples' interests and lead to a nationally-beneficial conjoinment of government and cooporation.

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