Khreva is a Class I super-planet in the Abfios System and home to a wide variety of creatures, most notably the Squiddyfish.

Khreva orbits its sun, Urxys, once for every 720 full 360° rotations on its own axis (one Khrevan year, eight seasons). Khreva completes one rotation along its axis once every 180 Khrevan hours (1 day).

Khreva is four times the size of Cradle, and has 12 satellites. Khreva's surface is composed of 68.332% saltwater, with the rest being landmasses or freshwater.


Of the twelve satellites that orbit Khreva, four are inhabitable planets (Strix, Frelonce, Akro, Vrn) 0.26% the mass of Cradle each with their own moons (Urtiz, Lumn, Hoks, and Zi respectively), two are the "real moons" of Khreva (Irna and Ipfis) - each the size of Cradle - one of which (Irna) is inhabited and has its own two moons (Yrn and Fîtz).

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