A normally-proportioned male Khrryd'n.

The Khrrryd'n (pronounced care-uh-din) are the dominant race of the planet Uafásach. They are a largely isolated race, not having bothered to create their own method of space travel; rather, they were first discovered by the Id-Thum several hundred years ago, who were wise enough to, for the most part, leave them be.

Khrryd'n have very long natural life cycles, though due to their extremely aggressive nature, very few have ever died of old age.

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Physiology[edit | edit source]

The Khrryd'n are somewhat large creatures, with the main body of a fully grown adult measuring an average of over 7 feet in length, from the top of the head down to the hands. They have very thick, leathery skin for protection againt the elements or other predators, and large, powerful wings. The wingspan can measure anywhere from 8 1/2 to 15 feet in length. The Khrryd'n have evolved in such a way that they have no lower torso or anything below, so they use their long arms to walk along the ground when they aren't flying. Their hands have three large claws rather than fingers, and are sharp enough to tear through a weaker species' flesh.

Article is a work in progress.

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