The basic written Kiik alphabet, composed of 14 characters and 1 accent.

Kiik (phonetically "Kick") is an inherent biolinguistic which, to Human ears, sounds like a series of timed clicks. It is the primary spoken language by all YYY on Kyykv.

Inherent UsageEdit

Kiik is an inherent biolinguistic, which means it is not learned, but inherited biologically and instinctually as a means for communication. All YYY are born with the understanding and comprehension of Kiik, though some lack the ability to speak it, usually due to a birth defect.


YYY speak Kiik by clicking their mandibles together at different frequencies. Some YYY who are born with mandible birth defects have been known to slipshodly emit Kiik from other parts of their body, though these YYY are considered to have speech impediments.


Its general written form is composed of 14 characters and one accent mark, while its academic written form is composed of over 1,000 subtle variances.

Foreign UsageEdit

Some Cradian scholars have studied Kiik, substituting snapping for vocal communication. Most YYY can comprehend these translations, assuming the snap frequency coincides with the intonation of the kiik.

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