The Krey are a scientifically advanced anthropoid race. They are scientifically inclined and typically think in an unemotional, logical manner.


The Krey respemble large millipedes that stand about 12 feet tall and have large horned heads.

The average lifespan of the Krey is 80 years and they reproduce once annually. The race reproduces asexually in clutches of eggs which are excreted instead of waste. The Krey are then raised in pairs by a mother and a father figure - one who is assigned to teach science (the father) and one who is designed to teach logic (the mother). After 10 years, the Krey are tested and those who test high enough are allowed to live while the others are killed and used as food.

They are able to enter a hibernative state by concealing themselves in their shell.


The Krey culture is solely devoted towards the furthering of science and the betterment of the mass as opposed to any singular being. Research is shared between all members and the race survives without notions such as personal ownership.

Despite their advanced technology the Krey's lack of compassion and lack of currency and trading ability has resulted in them not being allowed into the planetary alliance as they are viewed as a dangerous liability.


As technology is the major focus of the race, they have created their own forms of infinitely renewable energy along with hyperstasis, faster than light physical transportation and more.

One of their largest and most powerful weapons is the Krey bomb.

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