Volo Ficcusbacterium, known colloquially as a Krey Bomb, is a Krey biotechnology weapon accidentally discovered by bioengineer Dr. Raktor Kuk.


The original homeworld Kratarkokok was lost in a scientific experiment when an experiment using bacteria to convert garbage into energy resulted in the creation of a volatile bacterium known as ficcusbacterium. The bacterium quickly mutated, reproducing itself as it bound to most physical atoms, leading to a catastrophic explosion resulting in the death of 80% of all Krey.


The Krey Bomb is a form of advanced bioengineering; it works by binding itself to any positively-charged atoms, absorbing them and utilizing the excess energy to replicate into more ficcusbacteriae. Eventually, the vibrating atoms will split apart, releasing their energy, and creating a relatively massive explosion in their wake.

The biological weapon is usually stored inside a spherical vacuum where contamination is allegedly impossible.


The use of the weapon is actually quite rare, leaving the Krey to typically use this weapon as a bargaining tool—they are renown for their threats to use the bomb.

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