One of the earliest images of Kyykv, taken with the GiC TeleLens.

Kyykv (pronounced Click-Cliiick-Click-Click; often mispronounced Clive) is an X Class planet made entirely of space debris. It is the home and birthplace of all YYY.


Kyykv orbits Cradle as a satellite without interfering with its planetary tidal system. It was absorbed into its orbit in 2545.


When first discovered in 2535, Kyykv was on a cataclysmic and catastrophic collision course with Cradle. Demolition crew Drills In Space was hired to undertake Project Sludge, the codename for the destruction of the planet. Billions of Cradians then watched in silence as Frank Goohey II stepped off his space drill to be met by life-sized, insect-like anthropomorphs.

The mission was soon aborted, and scientists quickly discovered a way to slow the planet's trajectory enough to allow its orbit to be absorbed.


A propaganda ad from 2541 depicting YYY as pests.

YYY Orbit ControversyEdit

In 2542, the People Above Alien Influence Movement (PAAIM) began gaining speed. Cradian fundamentalists protested against the idea of having alien life forms so close to their home. Before even arriving, YYY were outlawed on most continents and for more than 2 years protests against the Cradian government were a commonality.

In 2545, Y-Day took place. Millions were killed in planetwide protests. The spaceship Sludge Dove was sent from Kyykv transporting King XxKk, who would deliver a speech of peace. The ship landed without complication but was soon overtaken by rioters. King XxKk and the rest of the Sludge Dove crew were murdered by the masses.

Within a month, YYY Rights Activists (YYYRA) fought back against PAAIM, ingeniously destroying their Anti-Interstellar Alien campaign by simply interviewing and translating certain YYY's opinions about the Cradians.

Michael Caves PresentsEdit

In 2546, a young Michael Caves dove further into the controversy with his documentary, Michael Caves Presents: Why, YYY?, revealing records associating World Government leader Shamus Domingo Chao as the number one financial backer for PAAIM. The documentary has been noted by historians as a turning point in the world's acceptance of the WG, and was the snowball down the proverbial hill that eventually became Globe.

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