Ludum is a Class I planet located in the solar system Alea.


Ludum is a relatively old planet, dating back almost 16 billion years. Its mass is approximately two-thirds of that of Cradle, and its atmosphere contains an accommodating mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.

Ludum employs one satellite, known as Luna. It can be seen throughout the night.


Ludum is covered in 90% water. It maintains two large landmasses, Nidus and Limen. At its southern pole, a large, uninhabitable frozen body of ice is known as Asa.


Nidus one of the two primary landmasses on planet Ludum. On it, Ludumites of all races, creeds, talents and families coexist in a somewhat harmonious legislation.

Nidus is ruled by The Throne, a hierarchy which exists through blood, family, money and deceit. While some opposition exists, The Throne goes mostly unimpeded by its people. It has existed for almost as long as Nidus has known civilization.

The Throne rules over the main continental capitol, Arx, the continent's largest and oldest-known city. Arx is both a port and a mainland supplier, stretching across half of Nidus' southern land.


Limen is a much smaller landmass than Nidus, at about a third of its square footage, and home to tribes and aggregations of very rudimentary races. Limenians are constantly at war with one-another, refusing diplomacy in lieu of raw power. By Nidians, Limenians are considered savage, dangerous, and unpredictable.


Asa is technically not a landmass, being composed wholly of ice, but it spans a distance greater than Nidus and Limen combined. Men tell tales of visiting Asa, but rumors remain while truths fade in age.

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