A Mibbit among Ouro trees surveying the dangerous swamps of Oruk.

The Mibbit is an amphibious race from the planet Oruk. The term Mibbit is an onomatopoeia as Cradians lack the vocal chords necessary to pronounce the Mibbit’s correct annunciation.

Mibbit live on the planet Oruk, which is famed for its swamps populated by unbelievably tall Ouro trees. These trees have bases and root systems which are believed to grasp the center of Oruk, itself. This is perhaps only legend, however, as Cradian scientists have been unable to correctly determine the accurate length of root as of yet.

Ouro trees’ height offers plentiful salvation from the dangers below if one is a skilled-enough climber; a slippery coating of Oruk moss and the absence of branches poses quite the challenge. Luckily, Mibbit have developed webbing between their joints to glide and jump between the trees, a skill which grants them a quick or desperate escape, should the need ever arrive.

A Mibbit’s tail assists in balancing the glider, and thanks to the absence of nerves and complex blood vessels, can be used as an offensive or defensive tool. A Mibbit wears little to no clothing, and the clothes she does wear will only cover her tail’s spotting pattern. The pattern, known as a Fugok, illustrates Mibbit family history not unlike a fingerprint. Familial matters in Mibbit culture are often considered a private or sensual matter. Courting is unnecessary in Mibbit culture, and thus plainness and the ability to blend-in are cherished within matriarchies.

A Mibbit reproduces asexually, by laying her eggs and fertilizing them herself with DNA she has extracted from another source. The eggs’ develop into embryos and will feed on any DNA present, extracting the pieces needed to complete development. She will stay with her eggs as they develop and nurse them once they’ve hatched. After a few years, Mibbi, Mibbit children, leave their mother’s care and venture into the swamp on their own.

A Mibbit’s colors indicate her mucous coating type. Darker bases with brighter colors usually illustrate a dangerous and perhaps immediate poison to would-be attackers, while lighter bases and darker colors portray a more latent poison. Some Mibbit possess no mucous coating at all, yet still display the famous and deadly colors.

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