Born Michael Douglas Caves (2505 - Present) on his home world of Cradle to parents Allicia and Karl Caves Sr., Michael Caves is renown for his expert documentation skills, as well as for his professional directing career. He was married to Michelle Jessica Caves and is the father of Karl Caves.


From a young age, Michael was making films. From Action to Zoo, there wasn't a genre he didn't dabble in. By the age of 10 he was already receiving World Government recognition and became accepted as an example of success.

Despite his talent, Michael postponed his professional career to study at Frenz International Lights and Music University where he studied under Frenz Dangh. There, he learned to convey messages through film.

It was rumored that Frenz Dangh gave Michael the idea for Why, YYY?, but no evidence has been found to suggest so.

On January 1, 2550, Michelle Jess Caves gave birth to Karl Montgomery Caves as her husband broadcast the birth, calling it Here Comes the Son. The documentary won a Golden Globe and sparked a small baby boom.

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