A Mingoto preparing to step forward

The Mingoto is a gargantuan creature from the red planet Gorou. Known primarily for its size, the Mingoto is a generally peaceful yet lumbering beast.

The Mingoto towers over the rest of the land-dwelling mammals on Gorou; its size might wholly account for its survival, as agility, dexterity, and speed are not traits the Mingoto is capable of. This is mostly caused by the Mingoto’s inability to bend its front legs, causing it to rely on its strong back muscles and jointed hind legs to raise itself upward and crash forward. The impact emitted by a Mingoto’s step can be felt for thousands of miles. While it is generally impossible to miss an approaching Mingoto, the beasts take such large, slow steps that untimely and unexpected death has been known to occur.

The Mingoto’s eyes are placed on the top of its head, not unlike an amphibian. Scientists believe this is due to generations of needless sight. When a Mingoto stands on its hind-legs, it can glimpse the landscape behind it, though usually its gaze it turned upward.

The Mingoto is the perfect Goroun predator, as its size and eating habits allow for the consumption of a vast and unspecific diet. Initially, it will spew stomach acid from its mouth in a wide, general area. After the acid has eaten away everything in the vicinity, the Mingoto opens its wide, shovel-shaped mouth and scoops up the remnants like a thick soup.

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