A Narto (Nar-TOE | plural Narti, Nar-TEE) is a Semi-Aquatic biped originating on the planet Nartor. She is a CIIIIC race who spends the majority of her life developing in her fetal state (approximately ⅔ of a 60 year lifespan) underwater.


A Narto stands at about 150 cm (about 5 feet) tall on land, but underwater she can spread herself out to nearly twice that length. Narti sexual population weighs about 80/20 female/male due to their unique mating rituals.


Narti females are sexually volatile as soon as they hatch, due to their long incubation period, and because of this they've earned a reputation around the galaxy as a Pleasure People, due to their lust, virility, passion, compadibility, and adaptibility.

Males are a scarcity on Nartor due to their high "demand;" a male Narto is devoured during procreation. A female will gestate twenty to one-hundred eggs in a small sac near her stomach. During ovulation, she will develop a link between her stomach and her eggsac. This link is what allows the passage of male reproductive DNA to Narti eggs.


Some Narti choose to forgo their eggs for the year (either by choice or inability to find a mate) and vomit them up to sell as Nar-tar.

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