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A photo of Nartor where both Victus I and Victus II are visible, captured by the GiC TeleLens.

Nartor is an I Class planet located in Sector 14142, orbited by the two moons Victus I and Victus II. Covered by 95% water, It is home to the semi-aquatic Nartian people.


Nartor's ecosystem shifts based on its violent planetary tides due to the conflicting polarities of its two moons. Because of the unpredictability of the planet's tidal system ripping apart most land, Nartians (as well as other inhabitants) have adapted to live elevated away from the sea, and often suspended in the air.


Due to its volatility, Nartor is home to a very limited number of species, most aquatic, but some aerial. A common characteristic of all life on Nartor is a rudimentary pair of gills and an immense sense of balance and control, supported by plant-like appendages. Nartians are unique in that they are born with oxygen-consuming lungs.