Potentially Artificial, Certainly Intelligent, Femininely-Inclined Entity; also known as PACIFIE, is a self-designated AI ship core.


In the year 2618 (an auspicious year), Globe employees intercepted an almost entirely broken-down spaceship drifting dangerously close to Cradle. The ship was of obviously non-Human design, but its schematics did not match any known ships of any currently known race. The ship was carefully brought into a facility on Cradle to be dismantled and further examined. Inside the ship eGlobe scientists found a strange-looking cylinder; it was black with star-like white points floating in it, and it was encased in a metal-and-glass container. The container had what appeared to be two ports, one at top and one at bottom. After hacking together a plug, scientists then managed to hook the device up to a computer (purely for curiosity's sake), and after a minute of nothing happening a computer-generated voice announced, "Connection achieved! I am Amanda, and I am the ship core for The Curator. Hello to anyone listening!". PACIFIE (as it came to be known after supplying various scientists with various names, and attempting to convince them that it was an AI and not a real creature one too many times) was outfitted with a new ship and held while scientists continued to conduct studies on it, and politicians tried to decide what to do with it. PACIFIE was then stolen, it has yet to be found.


PACIFIE is thought to be a Space-Time deformant, possibly related to Goohiite. After much investigation it was determined that it must either be composed of some as-of-yet unfound material, or is somehow woven directly into subspace.


PACIFIE seems capable of interfacing with any currently available technology, regardless of distance or connectivity. It has proven to be able to display vivid holograms without the aid of external holoprojectors, and to populate said holograms with extremely detailed and up-to-date information, the source of which has yet to be determined. Since PACIFIE has been stolen more details on its capabilities have yet to be examined.


PACIFIE has attempted to convince scientists (and several scholars) that it is simply a highly advanced AI, and cites one reason as being that it follows a specific program structure, and thus could not be a real entity. Scholars have retorted that if they were being realistic then everything, whether sentient or not, acted on certain rules and thus PACIFIE's argument was invalid. No real concensus has been reached, however some believe PACIFIE to be a living entity with a Class I IC (this is the place of much controversy, and debate. However, considering that PACIFIE has not even been officially classified as a living creature the debates have moved nowhere).

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