PHUDDY's Cradian face for "CONTENT_M%G_^6"

PHUDDY [FUD-ee] or Personal Heads Up Display Buddy is a factory-standard translation application integrated within every XT. As with all XT Technology, PHUDDY is triggered automatically when non-Cradian races require a less subtle indication for emotion.

Features[edit | edit source]

When engaged, PHUDDY tracks, records, interprets, and listens to the tone, mood, or emotion of the present conversation.

PHUDDY translating "ELATED_M%Y-^3"—the image of an elated YYY

It then attempts to convey its wearer's emotions to all other parties. What the parties see depends on their own personal race; PHUDDY morphs itself across an array of simultaneous glass walls at alternate frequencies picked up categorically by certain non-Cradian races within the Universe. What PHUDDY does not have categorized it either will attempt to translate, or simply turn off.

Criticisms[edit | edit source]

When PHUDDY was first released, it was criticised for its low-resolution and general upbeatedness. However, its complex facial reimagining algorithm inputs so much data, a higher resolution tracking system couldn't possibly integrate with an XT correctly. Not in its current model, anyway.

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