Pango-Silat is an Id-Thum combat sport in which two or more contestants compete by striking rhythmic blows according to complex Id-Thum music.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Pango-Silat is played by at least two contestents. Additional contestants often increases the complexity and unpredictability of matches. Contestants deliver blows to one-another in distinct succession through defense and offense. Opponents left standing are then judged by elders of the game, who review and assess footage, analyzing blows for accuracy, alignment, and rhythm.

Gambling[edit | edit source]

Pango-Silat is popular on Ka-Mar primarily for its attraction to gamblers. Relatively simple mathematical odds promote large, rich displays which gather hundreds of thousands of participants.

There is an Id-Thun warning about Pango-Silat, Pango-Silat iv-fwas Id-Thun, Pango-Silat iv-hor Id-Thum which translates to: One might succeed in Pango-Silat, but all lose in Pango-Silat.

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