Par-San is an Id-Thun language originating from Ka-Mar. It is renown for its categorical prefixes, which are intricate and difficult to learn. Other races have spent their entire adult lives attempting to learn Par-San, though without full cultural integration, and due its speed and accuracy demands—only those raised and fully attuned to Id-Thum normalcy have been known to become fluent.

Par-San is so difficult to learn because of the sheer number of categorical sub-words, many of which have no direct translation in any other language. In addition to the number of categorical sub-words, they must be relayed in a very specific order following the descriptive term to give the listener the best possible understanding of the conversation. While one would imagine this would increase the amount of time a conversation takes substantially, Id-Thum speak extraordinarilly fast (yet another barrier to learning Par-San). In reality, the average Id-Thun conversation takes no longer than any other.

Due to Par-San's strict demands, users often experience polyparapraxia or parsing, adding redundant categorical prefixes to foreign languages.

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