Planets of the Future Universe as classified by the scientists of Cradle, based on numerous factors that are very advanced and sciencey. The following is a list of some of the classifications.

  • Class A Uninhabitable, often without an atmosphere. A lifeless planet.
  • Class B Uninhabitable, usually because of a volatile, unliveable atmosphere.
  • Class C Uninhabitable by man, but certain life forms are present.
  • Class I — Cradle-like and fully inhabitable. Oxygen-rich atmosphere and water.
    • Naturally Inhabitable (I-NI) — Inhabitable without interference.
    • Artificially Inhabitable (I-AI) — Inhabitable only with external stimuli.
  • Class X Generally disregarded as a planet, more of a "found" or "created" planet. Often home only to extremely specific life forms.
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