A basic graph of the orbit of planets within the system. Planets are not drawn to scale.

Named sanctimoniously by Cradians, the solar system Primary contains 5 planets, two of which are Class I-NI, as well as a reasonably-sized Sun.

  • Sun — Contains 99% of the mass in the solar system, though the Sun is a relatively small star. Supplies energy.
  1. Gavin — Relatively small, hot, and lifeless planet. Known for its unique metallic atmosphere.
  2. Mondo — Named for its obvious gigantism. Besides the Sun and Moon, Mondo is the most noticeable object in the sky and is visible even during the day.
  3. Cradle is a Class I Subclass NI planet, located within the Solar System Primary. It is the origin of all Cradians—a CIIIC bipedal Race—as well as a myriad of other Races and Creatures. Cradle is home to two satellites.
  4. MurClass C planet relative in size to Cradle. Mur is famous for its intricate series of underground tunnels.
    • Between Mur and Ven exists an asteroid belt known as AB-PI or, Asteroid Belt: Primary One.
  5. Ven — The final planet in the Primary System and revered as the most beautiful.
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