Pictured is an artist's rendering of both the Reesh's Fire of Fero, and a Reesh equipped with a modern Reesh Suit

The Reesh are a race of fire elementals from planet Fero-XI who have developed the capacity to maintain and control their instability in order to create, manufacture, and evolve into producers. The race is named for Amor Reesh, a scientist to whom the Reeshs’ evolution is attributed.

The Reesh were once considered a destructive race; visitors and outsiders met with the inflammable state, which created unfortunate outcomes due to Reeshs’ magnetic attraction to carbon. It wasn’t until a scientist known by the name Amor Reesh visited Fero-XI that Reesh were able to successfully control their essence.

Amor had been researching elemental intelligence and developed a prototype suit known as the Reesh which could maintain, prolong, and essentially host elemental life as though it were carbon-based. The suit miraculously succeeded and offered Reesh a potential to control their being by granting a physical interface in which they could interact with the world around them.

Ironically, the destructive race of Reesh gravitated toward manufacturing, producing, and constructing and soon found themselves at the forefront of the Future Universe’s technological chain. Though the suit Amor originally delivered has long been lost to hundreds of generations past, his gift is forever remembered by Reesh everywhere.

Reesh exist as an entire entity and singular entities, simultaneously. When on the planet Fero-XI, a Reesh is usually immolated within the Fire of Fero, a planetary system of complex flame gullies, roads, and oceans which link all Reesh together as one. When Reesh decides it is time to release itself unto the world, a technology has been established to allow the transfer of a Reesh flame into a Reesh suit.

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