The SWF Flash Rifle (colloquially Swiff Rifle, S-W-F, or Swiffy) was a toy rifle designed by Hasno Toys in 2550. It became famous on Cradle after controversy.

SWF Flash Rifle[edit | edit source]

The SWF was not the first toy rifle ever produced, but it was the first toy weapon designed to actually hurt other parties. By utilizing S-Wave Technology, Hasno Toys was able to create a weapon which could easily hurt other parties, but which offered no real risk of physical bodily harm.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

After its release in 2550, the SWF slowly gained popularity over the months until it exploded in a frenzy of media coverage. Cradians were outraged at how a toy which encouraged harm and maim could exist, and demanded a response from their World Government, but found none.

The newly constituted Globe, and, specifically, Frenz Dangh, heralded a firm opposition toward the SWF, which was soon rallied-behind. Dangh proposed legislation which promoted Globe's own alternative to the toy.

For the first time in Cradian history, a Corporation was successfully able to pass legislation halting the creation of a competitor's product.

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