A small group of Sash on planet Gorou

The Sash (singular and plural) tree is a genus of fruit-producing tree found in a variety of climates throughout the Future Universe.

The Sash tree is famous for its versatility and and its ability to weather even the most shocking temporary climate changes. It does so by storing food and energy within its bark during seasons of bounty and utilizing it only when necessary. The Sash will swell with excess food and grow a lighter color bark. This light bark, known as Sash Fruit, develops a spongy texture; the ripest Sash trees offer Sash fruit which can be plucked by hand and eaten on the spot.

The Sash can be dangerous, however. Specifically during the seasons of low nourishment, the Sash will consume energy and excess food within its trunk. The consumption produces a poisonous sap which lingers forever within this harder, darker bark. Once a Sash tree utilizes the energy within this bark, never again can the fruit be safely consumed.

Thanks to its strategy of storing energy, the production of leaves is unnecessary for the Sash. Instead, during its sprouting, a paper-thin membrane which collects sunlight develops. Over the seasons, this membrane will thicken and the amount of energy a Sash can absorb each day will increase. After about 100 seasons, a Sash is fully grown, and can absorb enough energy each day to wholly regenerate its bark within one season.

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