The Sceeeee come from the planet Eeeeeesc (E-Victory in the Universal Directory) in Victory Cluster.


The Sceeeee are an ephemeral race whose lifespan ranges from 20 to 40 years. The average Sceeeee stands upright at about 250 cm (8 feet) and weighs about 150 kg (~330 lbs) due its solid bone structure.

Sceeeee resemble large flightless birds, similar to ostriches. They have thin arms with extended bone claws at the end of each wing. They have shorter necks than ostriches but larger heads without feathers.

Culture Edit

The Sceeeee have a highly advanced and nurturing society. They believe that society should be judged as a whole by focusing on the worst members. In turn, this forces each Sceeeee to strive for greatness. The Sceeeee are raised in schools from the day they are hatched where they are indoctrinated with stories of the Sceeeee Heroes. From their early days they pick a personal hero whose guild they are cast into. Due to eternal afterlife promised by being a war hero, most choose that course though others have left to make scientific progress and stand as undying encyclopediae. Death is not something Sceeeee fear as they embrace it yet refuse to acknowledge its permanence. Sceeeeee cremate their dead and leave no markers.

The Sceeeee are not particularly fond of other races but will communicate when it is necessary. They believe that since other races do not have their dead preserved in the same way that the Screeeee do, as immortal spirits, the other races are deemed not worthy of conversation.


Due to an advanced part of the brain, upon death the Sceeee are believed to be able to create a spirit avatar that persists in the memory of the living. As such folk avatars are able to live for infinitely long time periods in their fully realized forms as opposed to most spirits who form amalgamations of spiritual energy that are used as troops in wars.

As a result the original leaders still remembered appear and direct much of the government and yet progress is allowed to happen. The truth though seems to be that the perceptions of the dead purely control their sentience. Small sequestered groups of the young have fully realized vastly different versions of their cultural heroes based on information given.


The Sceeeee developed most of their technology including their spirit/psi powered propulsion by themselves and generally use force based weapons.

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