A Spew Drone

Spew Spawn (Kiik, Vii), colloquially Spew, are a subterranian species originating on the X Class planet Kyykv. A Spew resembles a rodent, with the legs, eyes, and mandibles of an arachnid. Since their initial discovery on then-known planet Sludge, Spew have been found on a number of other worlds.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about Spew Spawn biology; when attempts are made to capture and study the creatures, a Spew will literally liquify itself into a caustic, vitriolic substance. A concentrate of this substance is assumed to be what holds Kyykv together. It is presumed that Spew Spawn live in underground colonies, comprised of a number of sterile workers, and one reigning Queen. It is generally agreed upon that Spew are birthed as the substance they revert to in death.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Spew Spawn were discovered by Drills In Space founder Frank Goohey on his inital descent to Kyykv. To him, they appeared to "... spew from the ground, out of the [hills] ... like sludge."

YYY accept them as peaceful creatures and part of their culture.

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