A screencap from the first episode of TFUTG

The Future Universe: The Game (TFUTG) is a videogame created by Allan Wood in 2012. It is written in Actionscript 3. Unlike most videogames, TFUTG is experienced in installments.

Game[edit | edit source]

Designed as a means of introducing characters in an innovative and fun way, TFUTG allows the player to choose between the six main characters involved with The Universe Project (sponsored by Globe) aboard The Universe as they explore the Future Universe.

The game launches with an almost sarcastic violin medley, then leads in with the following narrative:

The year is 2580.
A world business conglomorate named GLOBE has sponsored the first ever exoplanetary documentary series. The series, known as THE UNIVERSE PROJECT, documents and categorizes the accessible Universe, wrapped in easy-to-swallow editing and direction.
You are a Crew Member working in The Universe Project, and as such it is your duty to uphold your role.

The player is then free to choose a character.

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