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Featured Race: The Id-Thum

The Id-Thum are an interesting and detailed race whose history is steeped in culture and fanatical accuracy. [Read About It]

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The Future Universe Wiki—a place where users create interesting and compelling content for the fictional Future Universe Creators can write, draw, and share art, stories, webcomics, and other media which is collaborated on and refined by other users and later featured in the webcomic The Future Universe

If you're unsure where to start, or maybe you just want to talk through your ideas, be sure to visit the forum.
Rules Tips
Rules to follow if you plan on working in or creating your own content:
  • DO share your work!—and by sharing, any* content you submit is free for anyone to use, copy, recreate, redistribute, and redesign.
  • [*]All Artists maintain rights to their personal content and copyrights, such as characters and plots. Artists may use anything besides this protected content to make their own works, which they are then free to distribute however they see fit. It should be noted that these rules do not apply to corporations, who may not use artist-submitted content.
  • Please tag your copyright as accurately as possible on pages you create. If you are unsure what your copyright should be, you probably want Creative Commons.
  • DON'T use content in violation of copyright. Make sure everything your write, draw, create, or submit is all genuinely your own work. Do not copy images from other websites. This is a project in creativity and collaboration. Theft is not welcome.
  • DO feel free to use any of your past ideas for this, just make sure it's yours.
  • DON'T change established facts, such as dates, lineages, histories, etc. If you are unsure of what date to use, ask an Administrator.
  • DO know that all topics are subject to editing, locking, or deletion by any Administrator at our discretion.
Want to build the Wiki but not sure where to start? Trying to think of what to make? Here are some tips to help you on your way:
  • REMEMBER WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHYWho is this / Who is it for, What is it / What is it used for, Where is it, When is it relevant / When was it invented, Why does it exist / Why does it work?
    • PRO TIP — Expand on these to delve deeper into your subject
  • CREATE NEW PAGES for Nouns you wish to expand on; take paragraphs about Languages, Celebrations, Technology, et al., and give them their own topic!
  • UNDERSTAND the difference between an Organism, a Creature and a Race!—an Organism is a simple lifeform, Creatures lack self-awareness, Races have Culture.


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