The Great Kor Vetack was a conflict of religious significance that unified the nations of Roka Voca space. While causing the desolation of a great swathe of galatic space, the war managed to repel the species known as the R'ta Qi'Nara. A species that continuously devoured territory and civilisations, and made no attempt to communicate or assume a diplomatic position. The Kor Vetack was enacted as the R'ta were on the brink of completely wiping the Roka Voca out.

Initial Contact[edit | edit source]

The silent advance of the R'ta was what caught many civilisations of guard. Early detection systems have a tendency to pick up the signals of electric machine based vessels, detecting their communication waves as they bounce between every ship. R'ta technology is completely organic, and some have theorised that each vessel is a living creature. Further knowledge about this subject is difficult to obtain as all R'ta technology the Roka Voca made contact with was destroyed.

The point when vessels could be seen in the sky was when panic struck. Completely underprepared planetary defence forces were mustered in order to react to the shapes, at this point it is assumed that some kind of short attempt to fight back took place. These sorts of situations happened almost simultaneously across Roka Voca space, suggesting that the R'ta had some knowledge of who was on the worlds they were devouring. Within a few short hours all communications ceased coming from the worlds, what caused this is unknown.

Steady Advance[edit | edit source]

After the initial attack the R'ta fleet slowly spread the rest of it's forces across Roka Voca space, devouring more worlds in a less systematic manner. The resistance of these worlds clarified the fears of the Roka empires and pushed the K'taka to order a Kor Vetack of unprecedented scale. Rather than standing their ground and defending their worlds, they sought to fight the enemy where they had less at stake, space.

Conflict in Space[edit | edit source]

The unified Roka Voca fleet intercepted the R'ta mid flight, decimating their numbers with little resistance. It is assumed by the Roka that their fury was what gave them the upper hand, but it seems more likely that the R'ta had no idea to expect retaliation or that the vessels were not made for conflict. The Roka were victorious, but they now were to be divided into much smaller forces to reclaim every world and solar system. The fleet divided into four streams of attack.

Reclaiming The Worlds[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to each solar system, the Roka found entirely different worlds. The planets had been so affected that even their orbits were changed. Gokors, a gem of natural bounty and biodiversity balanced with civilisation was now sick with whatever corruption the R'ta had lain there.

Upon first arriving in the system of Gokors the fleet found a bizarre biological growth than spanned across worlds. This fleshy webbing coated the worlds and the space around them. The purpose of this substance will remain a mystery, however it is suggested that the worlds were somehow going through a cocoon phase or generating energy from the local star. Around each world were swarms of R'ta Vessels, going in and out of the webbing in colossal formations.

While the Roka had fewer numbers, the intensity of their fire caught the majority of their enemies off guard, and they were crushed within their own structures as they collapsed and burned. During the conflict a small squad of fighter ships attempted to investigate the status of Gokors. Whatever the findings, the investigation led the entire fleet to destroy every world they came across tainted by the R'ta.

The Gulf of Rage[edit | edit source]

Pushing deeper and deeper into R'ta space the Roka destroyed hundreds of star systems. Cracking planets and obliterating stars until all weaponry and fuel was exhausted. Seeing the progress of the war the K'taka issued a fall back to preserve the fraction of the fleet they still had left. Behind them they left a turbulent landscape, the corpses of worlds, carnage of battle, un-detonated bombs and mines capable of destroying solar systems, and the blood of stars. While it seemed that the R'ta could never venture through this space the Roka established a fleet that stood prepared for any attack.

This space came to be known as the Gulf of Rage. Many unwary travellers have flown through and never returned, and many more are bound to as the debris continues to spread further.

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