A Povap atop the Slopes of Gorou

The White-Speckled Povap is a creature from planet Gorou, known for its long, spindly legs which offer extreme dexterity, agility, and speed, as well as sure-footing atop the slopes in which they reside. In addition to sharp eyes and a keen nose, the Povap possess a pair of remarkable ears which can detect insignificant changes in air pressure from hundreds of miles away. These skills allows the Povap an excellent means of defense.

The Povap enjoys its life atop the Slopes of Gorou, a majestic mountain range adjascent to Gorou's ocean. Few adversaries are present atop these perilous cliffs, providing a sanctuary for the Povap. A Povap's great challenge is the hunt for food, in addition to braving the harsh climate of Gorou's slopes.

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