A naked, male YYY of average stature.

YYY (colloquially Click-Click-Click) are an anthropomorphic, insect-like race who dwell on the X Class planet Kyykv, formerly known as Sludge.


YYY stand at a planetary average of 150 cm (about 5 feet). Their bodies are encased by a tough, segmented exoskeleton, save for their tender abdominal undersides where they store excess food. Their powerful mandibles can crush or cut most metals with ease.


Detail bust of a YYY male smiling.

Their eyes are large, protruding globes which contain over 2000 receptors each, allowing them to see 180 degrees at all times. Just between their eyes is their sinus receptor; a small fleshy opening attached to their mandibular joint which allows them to detect certain smells. YYY do not have ears, but instead feel sound waves via their anntenae.


Differences in YYY anatomy may be subtle to most cradians. Males carry more weight in their abdomen, causing them to slouch over and appear shorter. Furthermore, males often have longer antennae, while females are more brightly-colored and less opaque.


Due to their inhabitance of Kyykv, YYY borrow from discarded remnants of cultures past. Furthermore, YYY thank their contributors, praising them as Yk, which loosely translates to "bestowers."


While some YYY have adapted to speak English, most communicate through a series of clicks known as Kiik.


Due to their origin and location, YYY technology is often pieced together from other cultures. Most YYY are expert tinkerers and engineers, masterfully repairing and interchanging discarded and broken items.

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